Our vision

We, at Orocan, are driven by the idea to exploit the full potential of the medicinal plant Cannabis Sativa with its multiple applications – especially the cannabinoid CBD (Cannabidiol) and to establish products of the highest quality and efficiency in the middle of society.

More and more CBD products are flooding the market, but the product that is easy to use, easy to dose, high quality, safe and above all efficient remains elusive to the user until now.

We have made it our mission to change that and develop such a product that offers all that and more.

As a result of our work we have developed the optimal solution for all CBD fans out there, a high quality water soluble CBD powder with a guaranteed 0.00% THC.


We are proud to offer our customers a premium CBD product of the highest quality that is not only easy to use, easy to dose and incredibly versatile. But also sets new standards with its mild taste and unbeatable efficiency.

Our mission is no less than to empower people with hemp/plant-based products to lead healthier and happier lives, ultimately helping them to achieve a better quality of life.