For your beloved four-legged friend!

Your velvet paw deserves to feel good. With our high-quality CBD velvet paw powder, we offer a natural alternative to support your pet on the way to a better quality of life.

CBD is a natural plant substance and can have a preventive as well as stabilizing effect on the overall well-being of your pet due to its versatile properties. It can strengthen the physique and psyche, reduce stress and anxiety situations and provide improvement in inflammation and pain. A real alternative to avoid side effects.

Cats, also like us humans, can suffer from various anxiety conditions.

What to do when velvet paws are nervously pacing?

Cats are quiet and reserved four-legged friends, but they perceive much more than we think.

Our CBD velvet paw powder can contribute to inner balance and counteract anxiety.

It all depends on the quality and taste

Cats are extremely sensitive creatures. We love them for that and they always deserve our special care and attention.

Cats smell 3 times better than we humans, so the sense of smell plays an important role in the selection of food.

Due to the outstanding mild taste and easy application of CBD Velvet Paws Powder, we have developed a product that not only tastes good to cats.

Through special and gentle production processes, we have succeeded in optimally adapting our product to the needs of your pet.

Our CBD velvet paw powder is free of terpenes and has a guaranteed THC content of 0.00%*. Of course, we also do without the addition of colorants and flavorings of any kind.

For your velvet paw the best is just good enough.

The right dosage

No more inaccurate dosing and forced swallowing as often happens when administering CBD oil. Simply add the required amount of CBD powder to your pet’s food or drink for fast, effective and unproblematic ingestion.

Our animals deserve to find their balance just as much as we humans do. We have therefore deliberately developed our particularly efficient CBD Velvet Paws Powder with a low CBD content of 2% to ensure an optimal and individual dosage.

The safe and effective use of CBD for cats also depends, as with us humans, on a wide variety of factors, such as weight, age and/or pre-existing conditions.

In general, it is recommended to start with a low dosage of 1/8 teaspoon- 1/4 teaspoon in the morning and/or evening and increase it gradually if needed (maximum 1 teaspoon daily).

A higher dose does not necessarily lead to faster success.

Always pay attention to the reaction of the animal. This way you will continuously increase the well-being of your velvet paw.

Side effects – honesty for the safety of your four-legged friend

Side effects can occur in very rare cases when administering CBD products for animals. If you notice any side effects in your pet, please contact your veterinarian. Because the well-being of the animal is always in the foreground.

* (below the detection limit of 0.001%)