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We would like to help our customers to include a high quality, refined premium CBD product in their product range as an excellent alternative to conventional CBD products such as CBD oil, crystals or pastes. For this purpose, we offer a water-soluble CBD base powder in a consistently high top quality and versatile application possibilities.

We are a young Swiss start-up working closely with established partner companies with 50 years of experience in pharmaceutical process technology to offer you and your customers the best possible quality and unlimited scale-up. Together we have developed a high quality, water-soluble and almost limitlessly applicable base powder, which is just waiting to be processed by you as the basis for creative new end products.

Orocan CBD powder disperses rapidly in water and can be added directly into liquids or into tablets, capsules, bags or as pure powder into custom made packaging. Our special process guarantees an exceptionally high product stability.

By validated test procedures in a GMP third party laboratory and the option of manufacturing according to GMP guidelines, we can guarantee you unlimited high quality. Our food-grade CBD powder is colorless, very mild in taste, lactose-, gluten- and above all guaranteed THC-free.

We offer you our CBD base powder in practical 30g white label tins or as bulk goods. Bulk goods can be individually packaged, or you can incorporate them into another dosage form or process them further.

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