An article by Dieter Klaus Glasmann from the Hemp Magazine | edition 08

As is well known, many roads lead to Rome – and so there are also many possibilities and ways to bring medicines and active substances into the body. However, oral administration has without question the greatest acceptance and popularity. It is not only the best known and most practical, but also the safest method.
Let’s capture this and add: oral ingestion of CBD is safe, 100% of the time – but is it effective?

If  CBD is swallowed in its pure form, there is only little benefit. CBD in its pure form (unprocessed) is very poorly soluble in water. Therefore, pure CBD  is actually hardly utilized by the body. However, the cannabinoid can be dissolved very well in oil as CBD is lipophilic, which means ‘loving the fat’. Absorption by the body is also somewhat increased in an oil-based solution, although far from ideal. Mostly CBD is therefore offered in oil-dissolved form. This is an approache many suppliers go – however it ain´t realy efficient! The so-called bioavailability* is increased, but is only by 10% max. (*The bioavailability indicates how quickly and to what extent the active ingredient is absorbed by the body and is thus available at the site of action). With a bioavailability of approximately 10%, only a small number of the CBD molecules finaly reach the bloodstream to unfold the various positive effects in the body. So there is still a lot of space for development and improvement here. The reason for this is that the CBD dissolved in oil must pass through the gastrointestinal tract into the bloodstream. With the help of the bile acids and lipases present in the gastric juice, a relatively small amount of the ingested CBD oil is broken down and dispersed (or ’emulsified’) into smaller droplets of oil. These small droplets are  able to cross biological barriers far better. In this way, much more of the administered CBD can reach its destination in the body.

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