The natural active ingredient CBD is now on everyone’s lips and is experiencing real hype. And rightly so, in our opinion!

You probably already know CBD in its most popular dosage form, CBD oil. What are the advantages of the powder form?

We have set ourselves the goal of getting the most out of the active ingredient and have developed a precisely dosable and extremely efficient delivery method which allows the body to absorb a maximum amount of CBD.

Why we are convinced that the powder is more effective than conventional CBD oil?

The human body consists of 60 to 75 percent water, which makes it very difficult for the body to absorb substances mixed in oil. If substances are already dissolved in water, it is much easier and more efficient for the body to absorb the substances. Since the substance can be absorbed by the body more quickly, less active ingredient is “lost.” As a result, the product can work better in the body.

Study on solubility

We conducted a study on in-vitro CBD release in simulated gastric fluid in the contract laboratory. We compared the release of our CBD powder with conventional CBD oil.

The result speaks for itself

The result: Over 90% of the CBD in our CBD powder is released into the gastric fluid, while the tested CBD oil only disappoints with a value of less than 6%.


Our CBD powder dissolved much faster and better in the experiment, which implies an improved absorption of CBD in the body, and therefore an largely improved bioavailability.  In other words we are excited to give our customers a product that will give them more “bang for the buck” all while providing the value that they deserve in a CBD product.