1. Useage / Dosage

As is known from the field of dietary supplements or medications, the most diverse factors have an influence on the dosage. From pharmacy and medicine we know that e.g. body weight, height, age, metabolism, pre-existing conditions and much more can have a very important influence on the dosage.

Individual factors are also likely to play an improtant role in the use of CBD.

Therefore, our advice is:

Feel your way slowly and with small doses.
Give yourself time to test the reaction.
Talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

Since the CBD powders contains 0.00%* THC it can not be addictive. For individual clarification, please ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Since the safety of CBD in pregnancy and children has not yet been clearly established, both midwives and doctors recommend not taking CBD during pregnancy or administering it to children. Please talk to your doctor, pediatrician or midwife.

The multitude of medications or pre-existing conditions, which may be unfavorable for the intake of CBD, cannot be treated within this framework. Here applies the rule known from all areas: Ask your doctor or pharmacist!

Yes, the CBD powders are lactose-free, gluten-free, soy-free and vegan.

Due to the water solubility of the CBD powder, there are a variety of ways of consumption. It can be stirred into beverages, such as water, juices and also hot teas. The CBD powder can be used up to a temperature of 180° C. So you could even bake a cake with it.

The CBD powder is also very well suited for envelopes. Mix a small amount of powder with a few drops of water to a paste, apply to the skin and cover. Here too, please test your personal tolerance on an insensitive skin area beforehand.

2. Info around products

The conventional CBD oils often have a much higher active ingredient content. This is necessary because oils stay in the digestive tract for a very long time and a large part of the active ingredient is lost. It takes up to several hours for the CBD from oils to find its way in the body.

The CBD powder behaves differently: it is water-soluble and in-vitro tests show a significantly higher amount of CBD is available in less time than compared conventional oils, as the following chart shows.

We source best hemp only from controlled cultivation from the EU.

The simplest and most cost-effective production for CBD products is oil extraction. Here, the final product is CBD oil, which can be used directly. However, the resulting CBD extract is not concentrated and so its effectiveness is relatively low. And since the oil is filtered directly from the hemp plant, it still contains portions of THC.

For our CBD powders, we use pure CBD extract. The extraction and processing of pure CBD extract is a bit more complex and expensive, but due to the high potency of the water-soluble CBD base powder, the CBD content can be held low and the final product is with guaranteed 0,00% THC* completely safe.

*(below the limit of detection of 0.01%)

3. All info about shipping and payment

The CBD powders are ready for shipment within one to two working days (see also our terms and conditions).
In case of payment by bank transfer, the shipment is started on the same working day as the receipt of the money.
Due to the current situation, delivery may be delayed in individual cases. Also here we thank you for your understanding.

Unfortunately, you can currently only pay in advance. We can currently offer bank transfer as a payment method only because Paypal makes for us inexplicable reasons life difficult for us.
We regret the circumstances are working with high pressure on a solution and hope for your understanding.

Currently we ship our products to Germany, the EU and Switzerland.

If you would like to have your order delivered to another country, please contact us:


We will check your request immediately and contact you personally.

For orders ouside of the EU like switzerland: Please note our terms and conditions on customs and import.

We always do our best to ship your order as soon as possible. If you want to cancel or change your order, please send us an email to  customercare@orocan.com. As long as your order has not yet left our logistics center, we can adjust your order to the change requests.

3. Miscellaneous


The CBD powder also safe for animals. It contains 0.00%* THC. So you can even give it to your cat without hesitation. Cats have a THC intolerance.

You can mix the CBD powder with your animals food or drink. Since it is mild in taste and odorless, it is very uncomplicated and gladly accepted by animals.

To prevent intolerances in different animal species and breeds, please talk to your trusted veterinarian.

Technical legend: * (below the detection limit of 0.01%)